Donna Commits to Work Actively Toward Reducing our Carbon Footprint


  • Advocate for environmentally-responsible development
  • Restore pride in our environment through education and public service programs
  • Protect natural resources.


My platform speaks loudly about collaborating to address the Infrastructure needs we are facing now with a plan for the future.  This absolutely includes planning ways to reduce our carbon footprint through public transportation investing in renewable energy, preserving our green spaces, adding greenways and education. Specifically my goal when I am serving on the County Commission is to:

  • Invest in renewable energy as a long term strategy.
  • Support public private partnerships such as Energy Savers Network, Asheville Greenworks and others focused on reducing our carbon footprint and preserving green space.
  • Educate our children and youth on the importance of global and local conservation efforts.
  • Educate the public and work with government to conserve resources – cutting down on use of plastics, paper, water.
  • Promote our local food producers, and support increased plant-based diets
  • Appropriate County land use is critical- highlighting trees, food production, recreation and for      tourism.  
  • Invest in transportation networks that include greenways, pedestrian and bike friendly roadways.
  • Create transportation hubs as we address infrastructure needs that make public transportation more accessible and reliable throughout the county.