• Coordinate and collaborate community strategies to address land use, community spaces and pool resources to set the stage for future development.  
  • Collaborate with public and private partners (roads and greenways, high speed internet, schools, health and human services, fire, police, and area employers).
  • Address transportation needs throughout the county


Coordinated Approach to Growth and Development - It all Starts with Infrastructure:

Donna has the Background and Experience to Get This Done.

The primary reason I ran for office in 2018 was to engage our County Commission in tackling the big job of strategically addressing our infrastructure needs. This was an issue then and is an even bigger issue today. Since running for office, I have continued to be engaged with this issue by working on the Land of Sky Regional Council’s 5 year Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy. I have provided input and attended workshops to support our County Commission in their efforts to complete a 5-year strategic plan for our county, and I have kept up with what the city plans are as well as the NCDOT long range plans.

What has become more apparent to me is that our County Commission needs to lead the way in providing a coordinated approach for growth and development that includes all sectors. I advocated for a comprehensive plan in 2018 and still do. However, I now believe more than ever we must collaborate with our municipalities, the DOT, businesses and other key funders and players to provide 2-3 top priorities across all sectors that we can commit to funding and solve together.

Interestingly, not only has my primary opponent Parker Sloan picked up on this message, but so has my former opponent Robert Pressley and the 2020 Republican opponent Joe Belcher. I’m glad they all agree that this is an issue that must be addressed. However, what sets me apart is my background in strategic planning for growth and my experience in bringing folks from various sectors together to problem solve, collaborate and produce positive outcomes.

As your county commissioner I will work to update our outdated land use plans so that we set in place a means to require infrastructure first before new development. We must consider the impact on our schools, fire, police, transportation networks as well as the need for more housing. These are big issues that should have been addressed years ago and must be addressed now.